Published: Thursday March 12, 2015.

Ticking it off, getting it done

I’ve written to all EX23 Technical Services home/domestic clients to advise them that I’m closing down in June. It was the last thing I did before I left for Selby last week. I wanted to get the letters in the post before the weekend, and assuming they arrived on Saturday then there are about 90 days left to go. This is my countdown clock.

This is what I sent:

Dear [first name(s)].

Re: EX23 Technical Services is closing down.

I’m writing to inform you that EX23 Technical Services is closing down. You are receiving this letter because you are a client of EX23 Technical Services and I want to be clear about what’s happening, when it’s going to happen and why.

When I started EX23 Technical Services in 2012, I was responding to a local need for competent, straightforward computer technical support at a fair price. In three years, my role in EX23 evolved as customer needs and habits changed. Unfortunately, my business has not become financially sustainable during this time, and as such will be closing down.

EX23 Technical Services will close at 6pm on June 6, 2015. I will be available for appointments, advice and assistance until then. The company is not being sold or acquired. Your personal details, appointment history and correspondence will remain absolutely secure and confidential. They will not be passed on, sold or exchanged.

On a personal level, I wish to remain a north Cornwall resident, and will continue to operate my small businesses from this area. I am most grateful for your custom over the past three years. If I can be of service to you before June 6, 2015 please get in touch at your convenience. Likewise, if you have questions or concerns, please drop me a line. I’ve included a handy business card to keep by your computer. If I am not immediately available, I will contact you on my return to the office.

With very best regards;


Pete Cooper
EX23 Technical Services

The office laser printer got a good chunk of work done, I chewed through a load of envelopes, stuck down more postage stamps than I’d anticipated, sent out enough business cards that I’m going to have to buy some more soon, and almost reached the bottom of the tub of paperclips I purchased in 2006 when I started Pragmatika. The local postbox is pretty much full, thanks to me and my allegedly near-paperless office.

This is like a last hurrah, I suppose. If I have a busy 90 days, I’ll be OK with that. I know my clients well and I’m expecting some to panic a bit when the letter arrives. I am second-guessing the questions I’m going to be asked, and I’ve already seeded some alternative sources of help for a small handful of people.

One thing I didn’t do is contact the businesses that I work with. They’ll get a different letter this week, I’m still thinking about how to word that. I’ve been drafting a big post for release the day after EX23 Technical Services closes, and that will likely be the last I speak of it for a while. I’m also thinking about a week off, too. I’m in two minds as to whether that is a smart move or not. I have an inkling that, actually, the closure will be good for me and there’ll be a brain spark that needs kindling to ignite properly.