Published: Friday March 20, 2015.

Taking a break

At the end of March, I’ll be taking a break from my regular blog posts and will be posting less often.

I’ve made the decision for a few reasons, really. Primarily, I’m focussing on writing here instead of making headway on my first book. I’ll be about 100 days into a daily writing habit by the end of the month, none of which has actually made concrete progress on my book. The reason for starting the new year with a daily habit was to make a dent in the book project, which hasn’t happened.

Writing for this site is comparitively easier than writing a book. The downside is the narrow nature of the subject matter here, and the frequency with which I write means there’s invariably a backlog of posts waiting to go live. I refer to absolute or relative dates in the past, not close-range things like today or tomorrow, which means the freshness isn’t there.

Something I wrote last night a week last Monday, which stayed in my dead file and didn’t make it to the publish queue here, is relevant:

I write about changing the balance, but with things taking so damned long to transition, each day sounds just like the last, despite the action I’m taking to improve things. I’m also considering a blogging break at the end of the month to see if that reboots me. In fact, yes, I’ll take a break. That makes sense.

Having a dead letter is hugely helpful for me. The funnel is such that not everything I think about gets written down, and what does get committed to type is not always suitable for here, or even viewing/consumption by anyone else. I still get things out, which is for the best, but there’s some filtering going on, at least.

April, May and June is a critical time for me as I switch from doing a job that’s not a good fit to one that I want to do. I’m not disappearing, and I’ll probably have some more interesting things to share with you because of this new schedule. Consider yourself informed.