Published: Wednesday March 4, 2015.

Saturday was a good day

I’ll say this on record: I had a good day today. Despite two weekend appointments, something that I’m actively trying to avoid booking, I cleared the afternoon and had a delightfully work-free PM. There was a beach clean today, something that’s becoming a regular weekend fixture in the calendar, and then a pub visit. There was a kids portion of fish and chips for lunch, complete with mushy peas, and I cashed in two pints of Rattler cider that a happy client had paid for and left behind the bar for me. A person in the bar picked up on the reason for the freebies and added a third because I’d helped one of their family members with a computer thing. The computer help thing happens a lot; the free pints of gratitude, that was a first for me. Post-beach and post-work cider tastes like success.

Some fresh air by the sea while I was making it a better place, a plate of hot pub food and gratis pints made up the first part of my afternoon. Then, because I knew the diary was clear, it was snooze time. Weekend snoozes are best snooses. I didn’t even over-think and disconnect the phone. I was out cold for a almost two hours, no doubt helped in part by the free cider and fresh air. I woke late afternoon as the sun was setting, the weather had taken a stormy turn and I hung out with my housemate for a bit, laughed a lot and then constructed a sandwich of some complexity. Saturday evening arrived. There was some video gaming and absinthe sipping. At the end of all that, I realised that I hadn’t written my daily words, and so here I am.

It’s March, now. The daylight hours are getting longer and I’m feeling more hopeful for the short-term future. I am starting to see beyond the transition where a local job is phased out and more attention is given to sustainable career on my own terms. Friday’s realisation that it’s the reactive nature of my local work that throws me so much was something of a epiphany, albeit a late in the day one that would have been nice to know a couple of years or so ago. So it goes. Perhaps it was the clarity of having an end date that helped with figuring that out. Maybe clearing the metaphorical trees has already helped me see some wood. Or something.

The first half of March includes some difficult things that I need to work through, but beyond that I’m setting myself up for a better life by doing little thing every day. There will be a big thing thrown in for good measure, but I don’t know what that’ll be or when it’ll happen. Slowly and surely, I’m making the progress I want on the path I’ve chosen. I’m approaching the three years marker of living in Cornwall, and I still don’t regret a thing.