Published: Tuesday January 27, 2015.

Predicting the week ahead

It’s Sunday night, after 9pm, and looking at my calendar for the coming week is a little unnerving. I’ve had my best January ever, business-wise, but the coming week is eerily quiet on the local appointment front. My work day typically comprises remote client work, my own projects (everything from concept through to incubator stage, sometimes with a healthy glob of I need to scrap this and pivot for good measure), and local clients who have appointments for me to visit and mend their misbehaving computers. A sparse booking list for the week ahead usually means something chunky is going to happen, and it’ll catch me off guard.

Three of the last 7 days of writing have ended up in the dead letter box. Two were intentionally that way and I used them to blow off some steam. Saturday’s scribbling, however, was originally intended to be for here, but degenerated into a drivel and just made me mad. At this stage, I genuinely don’t know if today’s stream of consciousness will tip the scales in the correct way.

I am confident that I’ll get out for a walk tomorrow morning. I said the same thing yesterday about today, and that didn’t happen. I was short-changed on sleep on Friday night, which unfortunately had a knock-on through Saturday and today. I’ve been doing some skim-reading on nootropics with a view to some brain hacking. I deliberately haven’t gone down the rabbit hole to find out what’s what at this stage, at least not until my sleep patterns and routines are a little more on point. The daily reminder for 500 words is still happening, and I’m ekeing it back to earlier in the day. The reminder, that is, not the writing. I deliberately post-date these articles at the moment, mostly because there’d be a chunk of late-night articles ending up in inboxes and that’s not good. It is my intention to continue to post-date, schedule and keep at it until something clicks.

I’ve been thinking about Textpattern a lot more in recent days. It powers the guts of this website, and I haven’t done a very good job in proving my competence with it. I check the access logs and see mostly RSS and Atom hits. Some search engines have found their way in and are scooping up badly-presented content. That’s fine (OK, I lied, it bugs me), but it’d be better if this stuff was at least laid out sensibly. I wrote a Mac OS X how-to for another site I sort of forgot about operate and received an email about from a guy this morning. He found my email details in the whois info because I’d neglected to list it anywhere on the site. I don’t begrudge him contacting me, especially since he was saying nice things, but it did strike me that I don’t have any web properties I take pride in. That’s really bad. I will rectify that in 2015. I’m capable, but have nothing to demonstrate it.

That sparse calendar I talked about earlier: I’m going to use that to good effect and make a difference. And, for reference, it was that last sentence that tipped the balance in favour of publishing. No dead letter for me, tonight.