Published: Monday March 2, 2015.

My weekend, briefly

This post relates to the weekend of February 21/22, 2015.

I watched Donnie Darko on Friday night. I can’t recall the last time I watched it before that, though I do remember going to see it at the Phoenix cinema in Oxford as part of a triple-play feature with two other movies that I can’t remember either. It was the director’s cut of Donnie Darko, and the original is better. The extra guff didn’t add anything to the story, and I’m now inclined to ditch the director’s cut disc I own in favour of the original.

Friday was the end of a difficult two weeks for me. I had semi-predicted various things happening, and I took no comfort from being right. In the week that my nan died, Friday was just a day to get through in order for Saturday to start and things to start improving. My housemate had other ideas. She’d changed plans for her regular video chat with Aaron to factor in an evening movie with me. Various titles were thrown back & forth — Dodgeball (nope, wrong crowd) and Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (nope, too heavy), to name a few — before I decided on Napoleon Dynamite. A couple of hours later when that was done, I brought forward my intention to watch Donnie Darko and Friday became a double feature.

The weekend that followed Friday was less tricky, despite the cancellation of my previously confirmed plans to visit my nan, one of my brothers and my parents in one staggered trip. I can’t help but think what I might have been doing had nan not died, and although it’s not healthy I wonder what I might be doing if her window had been smashed in during the ten minutes before the police arrived.

I had one client appointment, and the rest of the weekend was clear. I had time to think about things and I’ve come to some decisions regarding the future of my local technical support business, the details of which are not for now but will be divulged in due course. Sunday involved a very indulgent midday lie-in to catch up on missed sleep from the preceding fortnight, and I even managed to factor in a beach clean in the rain during Sunday afternoon. I spent some time late Sunday afternoon with Jen playing a half hour of video games that turned into two hours, then had a bunch of stupid fun time and finally I realised I still had 500 words to write. Earlier in the day I was working on a long article that a) isn’t quite ready and b) I don’t exactly know where it’s going, but the word counter wasn’t running then.

I will say that I’m looking at the week ahead and I have no clue how it’s going to pan out. This is sort of exciting, but mostly scary. The key, I am sure, is to build the week around me and let the third party stuff fill the gaps, not the other way around.