Published: Saturday March 14, 2015.

I lost my wallet

Last Saturday was the day I lost my payment cards and a Haven Leather wallet. I don’t lose stuff. Seriously, it’s almost unheard of that I’ll misplace something. As I write this, I am card-less for payments. It’s annoying, more than anything else, and a bit of a reality check, too. The cards are cancelled, replaceable and have about as much significance as a car tax disc; it’s the notion that I lost something that’s bugged me so darned much. I went for a casting call for extras on Doc Martin in Port Isaac, about 25 minutes or so down the road from here.

I waited patiently in line, filled out my paperwork, got my extra number (325) and had my photo taken. Then where was a crab sandwich lunch in Krab Pot, and an ice cream from one of the many tourist-y ice cream places in Port Isaac. The Krab Pot was the last place I thought I had my cards, but I’ve been through so much thinking in the past 4 hours that I don’t even know if that’s true anymore. The ice cream — strawberry and clotted cream — was delicious in the March sun, but perhaps a little too extravagant for me.

It wasn’t until I got home and dealt with some of my email backlog that I needed my cards. Usually, they’re in a pocket or on my desk. At a push, they might have been left on a table or shelf. Nowhere to be seen. Jen helped me look, as I got progressively more grumpy about the whole situation. This, in turn, made her uppity and a return trip to Port Isaac was largely in silence. A retracing of steps around the village proved fruitless, and a bunch of shops have my number in case something turns up.

On my second return home, I reluctantly called the banks and cancelled both cards. There are new cards on the way, and I’ve contacted Neil about a replacement for my micro wallet that I’ve come to love over the past months. I’ll have to change my credit card details on a handful of things, and the new security number will probably throw me for a while, but what’s really annoyed me is the fact that I lost something. I don’t do that. It’s highlighted the amount of housework that needs to be done around the place. It’s been a tricky fortnight for both residents of Penwarren, and I suspect a day-long blitz might be in order.

The silver lining, I suppose, is that a Haven Leather micro wallet is designed to keep a couple of frequently-used cards safe, and not a huge wadge of plastic cards, cash and other such paraphernalia. That in and of itself has saved me from having to cancel and/or renew a driving licence, loyalty cards and other silliness on top of a handful of payment cards.

I feel a bit sheepish about the whole episode, actually.