Published: Monday February 2, 2015.

Hey there, February

That’s January in the bag. Let’s see how I did:

On January 1st I told you about my computer rebuild. Then, I had 88 applications. Now, that’s crept up to 100; still short of what the 120 I considered essential a few months ago. I’ll take that win, thanks.

On January 3rd I was introspective and realised I have no fear. I’m less introspective now, but the no fear part still stands. Point to me.

On January 5th I was thinking about where I might go for Christmas and New Year 2015. I still haven’t decided where, if anywhere, that will be. I also stopped taking my phone upstairs when I slept. That still stands, and has had a profound positive effect on my sleep patterns.

On January 7th I was waiting for my alarm clock to arrive. I still use it every day, but I never check the time on it. It’s face down on my bedside table and has been beeping every morning at 7am. I have switched that to 630am for February.

On January 9th I settled on my reading list for the year and have made absolutely no progress on that over the last three weeks. Somewhat annoying.

On January 11th I was finding things hard. I still am. And that’s OK. Hard things are still hard.

On January 13th I made a decision to head back to Textpattern CMS duties in the spring. I jumped back in a couple of days later (OK, so it was very early spring) and I’ve made notable personal and professional progress since then.

On January 15th I started to look for alternative suppliers in my life. Shortly after this, I changed mobile phone supplier and have been much, much happier with the price and service. Win!

On January 17th I was looking forward to an immersive evening/night of Textpattern site building for my own projects, but ended up working on a Textpatern-powered client site instead. That’s OK by me.

On January 19th I told you about the previous Monday and how it almost snapped me in two. Almost. I’ve had a couple of rocky days since then, but the trend is upward.

On January 21st I waxed lyrical about my 21 lines of code. I was really pleased with it. A few days later I rewrote it to be even more efficient, and it turned into 19 lines of code.

On January 23rd I finished a 6,000 word article about some technical stuff and looked at some abandoned websites that I’d let slip. I was burned out. The crucial thing is that I didn’t take anything else down, and just walked away while my brain settled. I have a revised strategy for my sites in 2015.

On January 25th it was time for me to celebrate 1,000 days living in Cornwall. And I did.

On January 27th I was confident I’d be out for a walk the following day. Nope. My calendar was sparse, and filled up pretty soon afterwards. I had two new clients and a handful of wins.

On January 29th I was sparky. I still am. Mostly.

On January 31st I stopped asking permission. That was two days ago, not much has happened since, though I have decided to eschew contacting PR departments in favour of going further up the chain. Don’t ask, don’t get.

And now February has arrived. I used January to start a writing habit, which will continue, and my focus this month is for an exercise habit and my health. I want to exercise and meditate every day of this month, and I’m aiming for a 5kg weight loss.