Published: Saturday December 19, 2015.

Hello from Madeira

I’m in Madeira. I’ve been here about a week and I go home on Wednesday, December 23rd. I’m still not sure about the place, even having had 7 days and nights to figure it out. I’m having to be tolerant and patient with the hotel wifi, lest it lock me out up here on the seventh floor. Add to that a recently-rebuild laptop that’s missing most of the software bits and pieces that I used to have, and you’re getting closer to my state of mind. I should’ve really booked an afternoon off before I left the UK to build it all properly, but I live and learn.

Wonky wifi and a barren hard drive notwithstanding, I have read a lot this week. Much more so than in recent months, too. I’m not dwelling on the permanently sorry state of the past year’s book reading. My Kindle is on the travel packing list, and it’s had a good outing so far. It’s tricky to explain all this coherently on a Saturday night after I’ve been fighting with Pestana_Guest and it’s unintended finickiness for what seems like an hour and a half, but rest assured I’ve got a beer and I’ll tell you more soon.