Published: Friday October 9, 2015.

Blog post titles are tricky sometimes

Mist - October 9th, 2015

My alarm went off at 0645 again this morning. I was out of bed at 0650 and at 0657 I left the house and headed toward Tresparrett Posts on foot. It was almost sunrise, and although it was dark-ish at the start of my walk it wasn’t enough that I needed a heard torch. I walked 3.55 miles (5.71 kilometres), didn’t speak to any cows, took a photo of misty fields in the morning sunshine and arrived back at the house for 0804. Two eggs and two toasts later, I was in the shower. It’s a jeans day today. My morning soundtrack began with Fanu’s “Daylightless” from 2007. I’ve opened Scrivener for the second day in a row with the intention of writing and twisted the cap on a half-bottle of Club-Mate from yesterday. It’s not as fizzy as it was originally, and that’s fine by me.

I had a diary appointment for someone coming to drop off a laptop between 0930 and 1000 and they didn’t show up. I’m watching Windows Update slog through what must be the sixth or seventh cycle on a Windows 7 Professional nuke and repave on a refurb’d Dell Optiplex 3020. It’s headed to a local editor friend of mine and will replace an 2007-era Dell running Windows Vista. Thankfully.

I’m going away for a few days, so my day routine ends here. I’m travelling alone, which is something I haven’t done for some time, and I’m quietly looking forward to a few days of solitude. The purpose of my trip is a Textpattern CMS meet up. There are currently three confirmed attendees: Stef, a Textpattern developer; Phil, the Textpattern designer and me — a Textpattern administrator going through a crisis of faith. The best explanation I can give, and I haven’t entirely found peace with the situation, is that I think I expended too much time and energy on Textpattern and it’s burned me out. I almost threw in the towel earlier this year and I’ve walked back from the virtual cliff edge a couple of times in recent months. I have a lot of time and respect for Phil and Stef, and I’m confident some meatspace jibber-jabber with good people will a) do positive things to me and b) provide some direction as to what path I need to take.

There’s about 6 hours of travel time over the next few days, along with some on-foot exploring during the downtime. There may even be some kind of remote involvement with folks from around the world over Skype, so I suspect we’ll be situated in whatever corner of the Brewer’s Fayre attached to the Portishead Premier Inn where the wi-fi signal is strongest.

In some ways, it’s a few days away from responsibility and things that need doing, but in the spirit of change I’m prepared to accept that it might be better for me to get out of here and return refreshed with a clearer noggin. I am half-expecting Jen to rearrange the entire house when I’m away and implement a new sorting system in the cupboards that’ll be the polar opposite of what’s in place right now. That, and if I play my cards right there’ll be an amazing meal cooking when I come home. Mixed emotions.