Published: Saturday February 14, 2015.

Ask, and you will receive a directorship

After my previous post about a piece of paper that confirms I’m not a risk to kids at the time of printing, I followed through with my idea and approached a Craven Players committee member about putting myself forward to be considered for a directorship of the next juniors production. I was polite, and I was respectful. The response I received has made the process somewhat easier as the person I asked told me she was going to ask me to direct anyway. Apparently, I get on OK with the kids, and they get on OK with me. So, yeah. It’s looking very likely that I’m going to be the director for the next junior production of the Craven Players.

I’m very much in Craven’s mode today. There’s been stage construction, set building, sound and light effects fiddling and the hundred and one other things involved with putting on a production. There are copious cable ties, lengths of string, and some health & safety rules are routinely pushed and prodded to very grey areas. The whole thing is an interesting diversion for me because it’s rare that I get to manage people these days. In days of old, I managed a team of twenty-odd technical support people. The main snag there was that I hadn’t had anything in the way of guidance for how to manage technical people and all that related stuff, so I had a unique approach to the role that centered around learning by doing and sometimes rankled the higher ups.

I’ve been out of people management for ten years. There has been no thought toward retention, service levels, staff scheduling, delegation and all that guff. As a business owner, the process management becomes much more of a big deal. The people side of things is still evident, but I’m managing clients instead of direct reports. I’ve completely changed how I do things – in every part of my personal and professional life – but the people management side of things is something I’m going to be re-experiencing first hand later this year. It’s kind of exciting, too. It will earn me my stripes in the team, and I’ll get to prove my mettle. Most importantly, it’ll be a springboard to other things and will be amazing. It’s a personal decision to do this, mostly as an antidote to rid my brain of those thoughts from the previous post.

Well, I say all that in the hope that it’s all going as I want it to. Maybe the higher ups (the committee) or the lower downs (the kids) will be rankled and make this my sole directorship. Regardless, I’m genuinely looking forward to it.

I have an ache throughout my body because it’s been a physically demanding day. There are some more days coming up that will also involve a lot of hard work, but that gives me less time to over-analyse. Doing is better than thinking. Exhaustion is better than anxiety. I won’t go as far as saying a change is as good as a rest because I could really do with a couple of weeks in a faraway place, but that’ll happen later this year.