Published: Monday November 10, 2014.

Adventures in anhedonics, part two

tl;dr: I’ll be podcasting broadcasting with my housemate Jen again soon. The show is called Lurking From Home. We’re (re)starting in January 2015. It won’t be tied to a broadcast network, or have any type of third-party editorial control. So, yeah. Neat.

I’ve seen various reports about the apparent demise of podcasts over the last 3 or so years. Equally, some folks are saying there’s something of a resurgence going on. I say both of these things anecdotally, before you reach for your keyboard and ask for citations on either.

Autumn (fall) has arrived and the seasonal transition that floored me has, I think, left for another year. There’s been much chatter in the household about business, plans, and other projects. One of the things that has been mooted over recent months is bringing back the talk show format podcast that Jen and I ran. The last incarnation of our show, the somewhat bizarrely-titled The Elephant of Surprise was fun to do. It was the third and final podcast I produced while signed to a commercial broadcast network.

I joined Podshow in 2006 as an affiliated producer. Podshow pivoted and became Mevio in about 2009 (I think, I don’t recall). Mevio pivoted and became BiteSizeTV in 2012. I don’t know. I left BiteSizeTV in 2014, dutifully packed away my Røde microphones and Marantz audio recorder, and daily life continued. BiteSizeTV was acquired by someone in 2014, redundancies followed, and now I have no earthly idea what the situation is. Since I no longer have a connection to the company, you’ll likely be unsurprised that I don’t have any interest in finding out.

This podcast will be the first properly independent talk show I’ve been involved in. It’s kinda interesting to be doing it again, because I have a feeling it could be an avenue for fun finding. I mentioned anhedonia in my previous post, the recent discovery of which has validated what I’m going through. It doesn’t solve anything, of course, beyond confirming that what I have is a thing and I can do some other stuff to reduce or mitigate its effect on me. Like start a podcast. Or work like stink and reduce the anxiety I have with certain aspects of my life to allow the space to have some fun. Does that make sense?

I watched a movie — Sightseers — on Saturday evening, via the Amazon Prime Video Streaming Thingydoo. I laughed out loud many times. It was brilliant. I haven’t been able to say that about any movie recently. I haven’t properly laughed in recent times, either, come to think of it. Sure, I’ve enjoyed a few movies — mainly inconsequential black and white movies from 60+ years ago — but nothing that I’d watch again. Most of the big-budget movies I’ve seen left me feeling detached and dazed; not through sensory overload or the like, but because I just didn’t gel with it.

Other people like movies, why don’t I? I’m sure it’s no small coincidence that I’ve been told about anhedonia and I’ve started to find some movies that work for me. I’d watch Sightseers again and again. I’m quietly hoping that it’s sufficiently (un)popular on the Amazon Live Prime Video Streaming Doodad that it’s on for a while. The dirty secret here is that I only added it to my watch list because the leading lady looks a bit like Maggie Gyllenhaal and that’s a big plus.