Published: Friday January 9, 2015.

2015 reading list - part one

I’m writing this on Monday afternoon for publication on Friday. Over the weekend I compiled my reading list for 2015. There are dead tree books and electronic ones, too. They’re all non-fiction, and largely in the self-help and/or business vein. About 80% are recommendations and referrals, the rest I’ve cherry picked from my shelves.

In no particular order, the paperbacks:

…and the ebooks (alphabetical – thanks,

I’m looking forward to reading and enjoying most of the titles above. A few of them, not so much. Some may frustrate me, others will likely confound me, and there’s one that’ll definitely cause conflicts. All that said, if I wanted a polite and comparatively dull life I could just avoid them entirely.

There’s another list waiting in the wings should I need one. This one is all electronic, and time will tell if I need to rename it from 2015 – to read (extras) to 2016 – to read (because i suck at reading). Sixteen titles, ready to go at a moment’s notice:

I’ll be keeping a bunch of Austin’s 33 thoughts on reading in mind, too. Mostly, I’ll be making sure I read more outside of work in 2015 than I did in 2014; assuming I finish the first book in the list, that’s a dead cert. Pretty shameful that 2014 didn’t factor well in the reading stakes, but onwards and upwards, eh?